About Annika

Healing Codes Coaching Annika Constantin, individueller Healing Code
  • born in 1989 in West-Berlin, Germany

  • English and Spanish at the University of Potsdam, Germany (2010/11)

  • Certified Healing Codes Coach (2014)

  • Certified Relationships Codes Coach (2014)

  • Certified Trilogy Coach (2018)

  • Certified Healing Codes II Coach (2018)



* Certified Healing Codes ™ Coach / Practitioner (since 01/2014)

* Certified Trilogy and Healing Codes II Coach (since 09/18)

* German-speaking Mentor of the Healing Codes Practitioner's Training (Certification Program) (since 2016)

* personally assisted Dr. Alex Loyd at his workshops in Germany in 2014 (2), 2016 and 2018

* extensive and intensive personal healing journey and experiences with the Healing Codes™ (since 02/2011)

* Healing Codes Q&A Teleseminar host (since 05/2018) 

* German- speaking Healing Codes Q&A Teleseminar host (since 04/2014) 

* Speaker at a Conference of the "Professional Association of German Healing Practitioners, LV," Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, in November 2017

Annika has been a Certified Healing Codes Coach since 2014. She is also active as German-speaking mentor for the Healing Codes Coaches Training Program, and is part of the hosting team of the German Q&A and Thursday Q&A calls. She offers coaching in English, German and Spanish.

She is someone who strives on a daily basis to function as an instrument of love, and enjoy life as the present that it is.

She firmly believes that we are all Love, and the reason for our existence is: to love unconditionally, and to be loved unconditionally - fully and beyond our wildest imagination, by the Source of all Life and Love, our loving Abba.

For her, Love is the most important thing, and Life itself. 

Annika believes that when we are able to perceive ourselves in the Mirror of Love, see ourselves reflected back with unconditional, all-consuming love, healing automatically ensues, as we uncover and recognize our original design of Love and Truth: our True Selves. 


She has found her life’s purpose in assisting people receive healing on an experiential love- and heart-based level that often neither needs, nor knows words, as it is spiritual in nature. 

A Germany native, she considers herself a citizen of the world, and pursues her passion for travel and nomadic lifestyle on an ongoing basis. Her interests and passions include, but are not limited to: studying and living love & spirituality, energy work &  energy psychology, contemplative prayer, writing, poetry, journaling, singing, being in nature, being close to and in bodies of water, swimming, hiking & going for long walks, spending time with loved ones, languages, learning about different cultures and history, food, sports, arts, and snorkeling.