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7 Steps to Whole Life Healing

Whole Life Healing Ministry for a Life of Unconditional Love, Joy, and Fulfillment.


1. Heal Your Memories, Heal Your Life


The foundation and heart of the work that you and I will be doing together is the healing of your memories with the gentle yet powerful energy method “The Healing Code”. Each process will be embedded in profound healing work for it to seep into the very depths of your being. You will gain untold clarity, insight and understanding as you come to understand your conscious, sub- and unconscious memories as the building blocks of your whole life – your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, habits, relationships, success – all of it. It’s the beginning of a wondrous journey of healing and wholeness.


2. Heal the Wounds of Your Heart


What is the wound, the hurt that you desperately want to heal? This process focuses specifically on identifying the most pressing issues you face, and transforming them from fear into love, falsehood into truth, darkness into light.

Rumi said: “The wound is where the light enters.”

This is a lifelong journey. The healing of, and tending to our wounds will continue to reveal more and more light, more and more love, and more and more joy as we courageously and vulnerably turn towards compassion and love.

As you become more firmly rooted in your True Self, it will be all the easier to heal any false beliefs and blockages you may come across. The wrong beliefs, which are imbedded in your memory data bank, cannot withstand the Light of Truth for a very long time.




3. Get to Know Your True Self


As you begin the healing process of your memories, you will stumble upon false images and beliefs about yourself. Your true, sweet nature may seem completely hidden from you, buried even. What happens, as Love and Truth burst forth within you, is you will first be able to expose your false self for what it is (a mirage) and then you come face to face with your True Self – a Unique Expression of Unconditional Love. Healing your identity: letting go of the false beliefs and images of yourself may very well be the most important undertaking on your life’s journey.



4. Explore the 12 Main Expressions of your True Self


Love has boundless expressions. However, in order for you to have a simple structure, roadmap and blueprint, you will get familiarized with the 12 main expressions of your True Self: Forgiveness, Loving and Healthy Actions, Defacto Beliefs, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness / Security, Goodness / Significance, Trust, True Self Image, and Self Healthy Discipline. These are the qualities of your heart that will be revealed, cultivated and tended to as the flower of your heart begins to blossom into the most exquisite expression that is You.




5. Rediscover Your Everlasting Union with Your Divine Source


It is impossible to not be connected to your Source. You are irrevocably, eternally One with God.

However, it is absolutely possible to feel disconnected, alone, unloved, incomplete. In this crucial step, you will heal the lies and illusions that keep you from experiencing and thriving in your personal relationship with your Source. As you learn to truly live from within that trust, connection and source of unconditional love, you will come to experience that you are Home and Whole at last, but really, have always been.



6. Live in Love and Truth from Moment to Moment – Your Highest Goal


Your life is always now. Really getting this life principle and being able to it will change your life forever. You are designed to live your Best Life in Love from moment to moment to moment. This may sound elusive, but as your major negative memories and resulting beliefs, thoughts and feelings heal, you naturally, often effortlessly, return to living according to your true nature in love and truth in the present moment, as the Holy Child of God that you are.


7. Your Purpose Revealed


Once your internal blockages and “spiritual splinters” have been removed, your innate, unique Purpose will become more and more apparent to you. In fact, it’s impossible for you not to see, feel, experience your true Purpose once you return to your Innate Wholeness, as it is an intrinsic part of who you are. In this process, we will explore how your True Self expresses itself naturally in love and truth for YOU.

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