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12-Month Holistic Healing Mentoring

12-month 1:1 coaching


Carried on Love’s Wings

From Ashes to Evolution


Your healing journey of oneness, clarity and lived trust. 

 Allow Love’s wings to carry you, forever.


For 12 months, I’ll accompany you on your healing journey of Divine love and wholeness.



  • Heal life wounds and traumas

  • Learn to love: Love yourself as you love others

  • Develop empathy and compassion for yourself and others

  • Embody practical spirituality

  • Cultivate inner peace and joy

  • Receive clarity, direction and vision

  • Rediscover your innate basic needs and meet them compassionately

  • Have a living, breathing, day-by-day experience of your trust-based Oneness with the Divine

  • Live in love, trust and connection from moment to moment – with yourself, your Divine Source, and others

  • Heal any sense of disconnection, isolation and abandonment through the reality of Oneness and Connection

  • Discover, experience and express your True Self

  • Reorient your life around Love as your northern star, essence and purpose

  • Transform fear into Love and Peace

  • Transform wrong beliefs into Truth

  • Rediscover your Unique Purpose, unique talents and abilities





  • Initial 45-minute connection call to determine your intention, desires and goals for our time together

  • 1 monthly coaching session (60 minutes each) covering 12 transformational life lessons (including video/audio recordings of sessions, worksheets and transformational reflections):

1) The Principle of Love – the greatest principle that almost no one knows

2) Your Eternal Union with the Divine

3) “Heal Your Negative Memories, Heal Your Life“ – True Transformation
4) Transformational Truth – Healing Untruths

5) Living your Life with Deep Trust

6) The Miracle of Forgiveness
7) Unconditional (Self) Love – The Transformational Power of Compassion
8) Unconditional (Self) Acceptance / Vulnerability

9) Faith in Yourself
10) Your True Self vs. Your False Self (Ego)
11) Eternal Diamond: The Shining Facets of Your True Self
12) Your Unique Purpose 


  • Bi-weekly healing sessions with The Healing Code (60 minutes each) (including MP3 and/or video recordings)

    • You’ll receive Custom Healing Codes that will be precisely bio-energetically tested for you and your unique energy to create the perfect love frequency in order to experience healing on the deepest level of your being, and to be able to truly live and apply the transformational life lessons.

    • The Healing Code works by healing the underlying internal images, memories and resulting negative frequencies that block the Love that you truly are.

    • Tune into the dynamic healing frequency every time you continue your healing sessions at home when you listen to your audio recordings.

    • Custom Healing Codes, thanks to the confidential bio-energetic testing method I have been trained and certified in, help us heal on the most profound, fundamental level of our being.

    • Personal healing prayers from the heart just for you that will accompany you in every single Healing Code process

  • Life is connection. I will support you on a heart and spirit level by sharing my love and energy with you for a synergetic effect. This greatly amplifies the healing effect of this energy work.

  • Unlimited support via e-mail and WhatsApp

  • Support with the Heart Issues Finder

  • a 45-minute talk to conclude your one-year process

  • BONUS: 3 follow-up calls (30 minutes each) in the 6 months following your Wings of Freedom process

  • BONUS: 3 Healing Codes healing sessions within 3 months following your Wings of Freedom process (45 minutes each)

  • BONUS: Learn the energetic healing method The Healing Code (learn the Universal Process plus free worksheets)

  • BONUS: Receive the Healing Codes Manual on the topic of your choice (Success, Relationships, Healing Code I or Healing Code II, $199 value)

  • BONUS: Book: “The Light of the Heart Method“ by Peter Roberts



One time payment of $3600 or monthly payments of $330 x 12 months


  • Sliding Scale
    I wholeheartedly believe there should be no financial barrier to your journey of healing. If you have a genuine desire to work with me without the means to pay the suggested rate, please email me to access the sliding scale. You can email me at
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