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Healing is remembering and reawakening to your wholeness in God...

You yearn for deep, lasting healing beyond coping.

You sense that inner peace is a reality that is just waiting for it to be rediscovered by you.

You can overcome and heal limiting beliefs, depression, and anxiety. They are but temporary roadblocks on the road to Love. They are the signs and blessings in disguise to lead us home to our true nature.

Wholeness is not only possible but your destiny.

Love, Peace and Joy are your heart's ultimate reality.
They are your birthright and truest, most genuine expression.

When we Re-Member Who We Are in Love, we heal.


We are energetic beings and the solution lies within the realm of our deepest expression: The frequency of pure, unconditional love.

By learning how to harness your life force and energy, you can activate a physical function built into your body that consistently and predictably removes the #1 cause of all issues . . . stress or fear.

Issues of the heart (called many things by modern science - cellular memory, unconscious, subconscious, etc.) are the control mechanism for mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness and health. They can resonate destructive energy frequencies and create stress.


You carry within you the power to heal destructive cellular memories. Remembering who you are in love allows you to heal destructive feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts.


Reach out today for 1:1 Mentoring with me. In a safe and supportive space, you are able to explore and heal emotional or spiritual blocks to find your way back to your whole loving self. 


Book 1:1 Mentoring with Annika here.


Book 12 Month Transformative Healing Journey here.


New validating research on self-healing and The Healing Code.

Hi. I am Annika Constantin.

I am a Spiritual Companion and Certified Healing Codes Coach. I use energetic tools and spiritual practices like the Healing Code to help spiritually people heal from depression and find profound joy, hope and lasting peace. This allows them to reclaim Love as the center of their life, experience oneness with their Divine Source and live a purpose-driven life.

"The spiritual journey does not require going anywhere because God is already with us and in us." -Thomas Keating

By healing these root issues once and for all, our God-given, natural state of being of love, joy and peace is released from within.
We journey home from the head to the heart and learn how to live in the depths of love.

Healing is uncovering your spiritual true self, experience yourself as unconditionally loved and accepted and unconditionally loving and accepting towards yourself and others.

Healing means finding your unique purpose, rooted in Love & Truth and the truth of who you really are.

Healing means that Deep Fulfillment, Love, Peace and Joy are yours.
Image by Trent Bradley

“Having small children may be demanding. And having three in 13 months put me to an edge where I was so exhausted that there were days when I thought of just walking out the door and leaving all behind. After finding the Healing Codes I started to recover both mentally and physically in so many ways that I could never have dreamed of. Annika guided me through some very difficult issues and has helped me a lot in this process. Annika's way of working is just lovely – you will feel encouraged, inspired and cared for.”


-Miia Huitti, Finnland


“I have trust issues. It is hard for me to trust in God and that this world, in its essence, is good and that my personal future will turn out positive. I felt very comfortable and understood being coached by you. You treated my problems very sensitively and shared positive, uplifting thoughts with me that comforted me. The three most valuable things that I received from working with you were: 1) The idea that I am not bad or that something is wrong with me and that I can be healed. 2) The idea that God cares for me and is willing to make me whole again. 3) The releasing feeling after practicing the healing codes and the feeling that I can trust God more and more.”


-Pia, Germany


"I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I have already been working with the Healing Codes for a few weeks now, and especially thanks to your valuable and loving support I can already see a lot of progress. Even though my stomache aches have not yet fully disappeared, my overall wellbeing has greatly improved. I am now about to work with the Group Healing Codes for each category and here as well I am experiencing so many wonderful things. Working with the recordings is great. You have a wonderful and peaceful voice, it's so easy to relax. I always feel so great during and after the Codes, and I feel love, peace and joy within me."


-Christian, Switzerland

Disclaimer: The Healing Codes is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease or mental condition. All Healing Codes are self-help techniques used for relaxation, stress reduction, and balancing bio-energetic systems, and are not intended as a substitute for medical care. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on experience with CHCP Annika Constantin and Participants should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health. The FDA has not evaluated this information and we make no curative claims. The Healing Codes treat what Solomon called “issues of the heart” more than 3000 years ago. When these spiritual issues heal, physiological stress reduces, and the immune system functioning increases. The immune system is capable of healing just about anything if it is not suppressed by stress. Our focus 100% of the time with The Healing Codes is for the issues of the heart–only.

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