"Spiritual work means incarnating and displaying in our personality and in our behavior the unconditional love that lives so indestructibly in us and is charged with such zeal to become visible.

"The Self is always and already whole and perfect. By psychological work we are changed. In spiritual work we are revealed: we manifest our inner wholeness in conscious daily life." -David Richo

As a Certified Healing Codes Coach and Healing Companion, I support you with powerful energetic Healing Codes work to help you with any spiritual issues, negative memories, traumas and beliefs that you long to heal - the ones you know about, as well as any un- and subconscious issues. These issues are healed effortlessly and with ease by activating the healing powers that reside within your very being and heart.

This type of work goes far beyond the typical counseling or coaching paradigm. Rather than solely talking about issues, we are energetically addressing the heart of the issue. As we awaken to the deeper spiritual dimension of our human heart, insights and healing is effortlessly integrated on all levels of our being in ways that surpass that which we have previously thought possible.

You will learn how to transmute fear into love, and move from the mind into your Heart.

This work allows you to heal any blockages that may stand in the way of experiencing your eternal connection and oneness with your personal and Higher Source of Love. The truth truly makes you free. The truth allows you to know who you truly are, that you are immeasurably loved, that there is nothing you can do wrong and that you are truly safe.

The Healing Code is a neutral and simple technique that, said simply, helps us transform fear into love and transform our suffering into wisdom. This freedom is achieved by releasing negative memories and images, the control mechanism of practically everything.

Guided 1:1

Healing Codes Sessions

The most powerful way to work with The Healing Codes, lovingly guided from the comfort of your home.


*      We'll determine the Spiritual Issue, any Memories, Generational Memories, False Beliefs and Categories of Healing to be addressed. 

*      I will guide you in your own personal Healing Code to heal all known and unknown issues.

*      You'll receive your Custom Code as an audio recording in order for you to continue working with it at home.

*      You'll get another additional "Healing Code-to-go" to also work on the same issue as an additional tool.

Image by Jenny Caywood

Lean back and relax, from the comfort and safety of your home. Focus entirely on your own healing without worrying about anything else: I will gently guide you for the entirety of our time together. By our coming together, you benefit from the synergetic effect and exponentially increasing effectiveness of your Custom Guided Code. 



Single session


/ €75,-

  • 45-60 min. per session

  • MP3 recording of Guided Code

  • "Code-to-go" 

3 Guided Healing Codes Sessions


/ €205,-

  • 45-60 min. per session

  • MP3 recording of Guided Code

  • "Code-to-go" 

5 Guided Healing Codes Sessions


/ €320,-

  • 45-60 min. per session

  • MP3 recording of Guided Code

  • "Code-to-go" 

8 Guided Healing Codes Sessions


/ €466,-

  • 45-60 min. per session

  • MP3 recording of Guided Code

  • "Code-to-go" 

Custom Healing Code

1:1 Sessions

These are especially suited for people who work well on a more self-directed basis.

In these sessions we'll determine your own personal Custom Healing Code to work with at home.

We will also determine:

*     which spiritual issue to address
*      test for hidden, inherited, unconscious Memories, Negative Beliefs, Categories, and more.


These sessions do not include an audio recording. You'll receive a written Custom Code including instructions helping you to most highly benefit from your own Custom Code

3 Sessions


/ €155,-

  • 30-40 min. per session

5 Sessions


   / €235,-

  • 30-40 min. per session

In Healing Codes sessions you are healing what we sometimes call "heart junk," which causes stress and unease within you. Our objective is to heal anything within you that does not truly belong to you and exists as a negative programming within you. As your programming heals, you are enabled to express and experience your TRUE SELF more and more. All that is untrue simply falls away.

Always remember: All issues and problems, negative beliefs and thoughts, painful feelings and physical ailments have one source alone - destructive memories. They distort reality and cause fear and stress. Once those destructive frequencies are healed, only love and truth remain in those memories. This, in turn, changes the underlying programming determining your life. 


This healing energy is within YOU. You are Love.

We don't have to heal those cellular memories by willpower. In fact, it's impossible to heal them through willpower. What a relief!

Instead, this is a work of releasing and letting go, as well as receiving. Allowing ourselves to receive Divine Love and touch and heal the hurting places within ourselves as we keep grounding ourselves in Unconditional Love.